Friday, December 04, 2009

How true is this?
For my case, its really true.

In summary for those who don't understand Chinese:

Treasure your special someone who will get jealous for you.
Because if he/she doesn't get jealous when you head out with a guy/girl alone,
it means he /she doesn't really bother.

If you think he/she doesn't think logically,
then might as well be normal friends.
Normal friends think and talk logically.
Friends will stand by your rights and talk good of you.
But not your lover.
People in love, all the childishness, arguments, jealousy are normal behaviors.

So please treasure the one who gets jealous for you.
Think of it on another angle, you're blessed to have this person.

Its hard not to have any tiny arguments in a relationship.
Walking into my 7th month of love, we do quarrel occasionally.
But now that we're familiar with each other's personality traits,
we know how to resolve it as well.

He gets jealous, and so do I.
But well, its love after all!

I randomly got this whole passage from someone's profile in WLNY,
and that guy's looking for single ladies,
& still messaged me.

And on my profile says ATTACHED.

Oh well.

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