Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back to update!
People's been telling me to update and saying I'm really sloooooooooow in updating these days!

Not that I don't wanna,
just really tooooooo tired each day to do so!

Gonna split into 2 entries!

Updating about Christmas Day (& some of last Sunday) first!
I can't update about Christmas Eve cause no one sent me pictures as of yet XD

So yup, while you guys are indulging in Christmas foodies...

The Phua Chu Kang replicas were at the beach once again for fishing and catches!

I used to be so fair!
I'm a dark shade of brown.

Like toast!

Wifey and I just sat there patiently under the sun...
And do nothing...
Eat chips...

Buy KFC for the guys...

Romantic Christmas hor?

I can has long lashes thanks to Miss Tong's gift.
Long natural lashes due to the mascara she got for me from Thailand haha!

In anyway,
the guys brought back Mussels!

My mum cooked them and its deliciooooooooooous.
Sweet and totally no fishy-ishy taste!

I spotted this scene and quickly called Wifey over,
and the both of us just stood there and took pictures of it.
There's actually a small rainbow on the cloud but I didn't manage to capture it =(

oue 'Tent' is er... let's just say it has good air ventilation.

The guys tied the covers to trees and poles so that we girls don't get burnt!

Hero, hero!

And thus, we were able to lie on the mat and well, sleep. Lol.

To prevent Jeslene from being bored, BF tied a hook and weight,
then put the bait over the hook and told me to go fishing.

I has talents.

He said he found an extraordinary girlfriend who knows how to fish by watching him.
And muahahahaha, he said that cause after the bait got eaten up by the fish, I hooked the bait on again.

The baits = Sea Earthworms.

YES! I dug through the wet sand in the container and pulled out earthworms and pierced its body through it!

the earthworms bite.
They have mouths =(

I got so angry that they bit me, I placed them on the floor, hooked them and laughed evilly.

I think I'm scary.

BF took my hook and got a fish sooner than I did.

Blue Blue sky!

After that day, all of us got toasted.
I was brown.
Raymond was black.
Baby was lobster red.
Leaking was... not that black. SO GOOD!

Uh well...

Got to end off the entry now,
cause I'm having a tummy ache AGAIN!


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