Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I twitter flooded.

Read from bottom up.

Well, so I decided to blog about this.

Right so the whole story is like this:

BF and I were on the way home when I asked him,
Did you ever suspected that I flirt around behind your back, or two-timed?

He gave me a firm NO.
I was like, Wa, you trust me this much?
He then said the amount of people he seen is more than the amount of salt I ate.
he said I'm definitely not that kind of girl to do such things.

He added that we inform each other as and when we're heading out,
and we keep each other updated about our whereabouts and kept the calls coming.
What is there to distrust?

There are tons of things I appreciate about this relationship,
and this is one of the many.

There are friends I've known for more than 3-5 years,
and still, they doubt me first before confronting me.
They jump into assumptions, then only admit when I sniffed something wrong and asked them.

I guess it all boils down to purely trust.

There are things I definitely won't do.
If you know me just that little bit, its enough to judge that I won't do such things.

for example, When I'm attached, I love wholeheartedly. I don't flirt or try to get other guys.
& I'll never ever steal my girls' bf, or touch their ex-bf.

Aiya, come on.
All my friends know I'm madly in love with Sky,
and I kept talking about him to everyone!

And he's friends with my close buddies as well.
No chance to cheat HAHAHA.
Not like I will want to!

If only those passerbys in my life think like him,
and give me some trust.

What's fated to be, will be!

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