Tuesday, December 01, 2009

To blog a little on what's happening recently...

Cleaned the hamsters' cages.

My dad placed Do, my female ex-mama hamster into the bathing sand box and forgot to bring her out since morning.

I only discovered her when I took a look at the cage and realised she's not there.
She had a previous crime case of escaping her cage so I had a scare.
But oh well, my dad placed her in and forgot about her.

When I took her out, she's was like, in a daze.
No problems, she's a hamster after all.
Sleeping on her wheel now.

Went prawning with Nic the doggy and Sky the owner on Sunday.
Unpleasant stuff near the end, shall not talk about it.

Nic's wearing the slippers mum got for BF!
And he very funny loh.
Kept wanting me to blog about him.

And my bf =)
I was wearing one of BF's giant tees and looking unglam haha.

Random pic.

I'm so bored.
But its due to boredom that's why I blog.


Chu <3

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