Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just felt like writing another entry before I sleep.

It felt like I've been doing so much, yet missing out so much.

After my bestie came back from Aussie on Monday,
we spent tons of time together.
I really missed her company and is glad of her return.

I had the best Friday I have in ages,
with the bestest of my friends gossiping and doing silly stuffs.

I've met Alda, the online friend I've had for 5years since 16.
She lives in Sydney so this is the first time we've met and well,
we had a hella good time shopping and singing.

Tong is at BK and I'm waiting for my penguin to come home.

BF and I didn't even quarreled this month,
we apologised to each other and gave hugs before we could blow the matter up.
And its 7th in 20mins time.
Boy, time flies.
& we're still very much in love.

Then, I'm missing all the people I've not seen for months.

Kathy & Vaal, who I ALWAYS don't have time for (mad guilty, and I need your addresses to send xmas stuff!)
Paul, who got himself a gf and is madly in love. (Haven't seen him for 5 months now. Serious!)
Gab bff, who is ALWAYS SUPER BUSY! (since sept? HAHA)
Carissa & Sukit, who always have a way to make serious things look like wtf.
Fiza, maya, maryanne, carrie, peiyun! They're so busy I don't get to see them at alllllllll.

But generally,
my life is good.
Just need a job to make my parents happy.

Satisfied, but my life can be better.
I'll fight for it. =)

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