Monday, December 07, 2009

If you guys follow my twitter updates, you should realise I kept whining about being tired since yesterday night.

Reason being:

I woke up at 830am to prepare food.
I was in the sun from 12pm onwards.
Then I wasn't home till 11pm.


Cause we went to Pasir Ris Park for a picnic!
Yesss picnic.
Get in touch with nature, really lah!

Leaking and BF came to my place to help me and we took a cab down to Downtown East to meet up with Raymond and Tong.

Walked to the mangrove area of Pasir Park and we settled down.
On newspapers, cause tong couldn't find her picnic mat.

I need daiso.

Anyway, yeah.
We got so happy with the water, BF walked into the water first and kept passing me creatures.



BF then spotted a JELLYFISH!
Its huuuuuuge.

Then Tong got thrown into the water by Raymond.

He said: You asking for it cause u're wearing white!
Where got ppl wear white to the beach esp when you know you're playing water?!

I did ask tong to bring extra set of clothes.
But I don't know why she came with a small pouch and she, herself and tong.
See lah!
Its to prevent such things from happening!

She took an unwilling photo with me.

They started throw mud at each other afterwards.
I was so traumatized I didn't take any photos in case I got attacked.

We sat down and ate the fried rice, popcorn chicken, sotong balls and suddenly the dark clouds gathered.
The wind was really big and we saw a couple's tent got blown over.

See how the trees arched?

But we enjoyed the wind, and it didn't rain in the end.
We walked back into the waters and Baby found a fish.

Well, half a fish.

The poor thing was bitten off by another creature.
But it was still breathing and alive.

Baby went to catch more fishes:

And here they are!

He's the hero yo.

Tong left cause she had work 4pm-ish.
And around that time, the tide went down and out comes the land.

The girls went to have a bath and I was feeling super refreshed.

Hello sunshine!

The guys were still unwashed and rolling around in mud.
Okay, I'm kidding.
But they went under the canal to fish!

I have a camwhore here.


The guys happily fishing...
And they met a thai guy, who brought them into the canal!

I heard it takes 1 hour to go through the canal.
And inside the canal, you can see nothing at all.
Pitch darkness!

We ladies stayed in the light, of course.

And what did we do?

Camwhore loh.

Catch leaking's expression.

I has ultra long hair.

Can be tied up in a chopstick.


The sky was darkening and only around 7pm did the guys come out of the canal.


Huge crabs!

Three of them, but more than enough!
Pitch darkness!
And Baby said Raymond's leg sank into the mud till knee level and he panicked.
Cause Raymond pulled on his shorts and it almost fell off.

The proud guys.

The four of us finally made our way to Leaking's house.

BF tied the claws of the crabs up singlehandedly!

*Bows in respect*

The largest crab is so so so agressive!
But BF just held it with one hand and tied it up.

And what did we do to the crab?


What do you think?


At he end of the day, we were sooooo shagged.
I'm still quite tired right now.

BF is at the Bball court, so I'm waiting for him to come home.

Yan my Bestie is BACK HOME!

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