Thursday, December 03, 2009

Late blog post!

Waiting for my brother to get ready, since he wanted to head out together.
I wanna get brunch, and watson stuff.

Anyway, yes I'm late:

Happy Birthday Yingying aka You aka Leaking!

We pre-celebrated her birthday on Tuesday =)
Her hubby got her a huge bunch of flowers and she messaged me secretly to tell me he's being weirdly romantic!


BF and I rushed down to Tampines as quickly as we could and ended up we're not the last to arrive.
*Nudges tong*
Met the ppl for dinner at Tampines One's Manpuku!

BF andIshared Ebi tempura as well.

Tong arrived really late at 930pm.
She ate nothing cause their last order's at 930pm!

But she brought a cake and we lit the candles up and sang a birthday song meekly.

Happy birthday girl!
We shall have more fun this Sunday!

Randomly, BF got a pair of earpieces for me.
I've been complaining about not having proper working ones since... well I don't remember!
And of all irritation - my handphone's earpiece is gonna go bonkers soon!

So this pair came in super in time!

My guy took out the earpiece from the packaging, checked if it works for me,
then he placed the earpiece next to my face and said:

"Okay good, this colour suits you."
Then he looked really proud and contented at his choice.
How adorable.

I have tons of stuff to look forward to this december!

Sunday - Picnic!
Monday - Yan's return!

Third week of december, Alda's most probably coming to Singapore!
Oh this girl, we knew each other since 16yrs old, and we've never met cause she's in Aussie!
so, after a grand 5 years, we're finally gonna meet up!
I'm so so excited!

(Jumps around with Xuan)

And finally, the fourth week of December,
we'll have Christmas!
I'm excited too cause I've never spent Christmas with my bf before!

Then count down!
Its gonna be a brand new year soon =))

Gonna head out now!

Chu <3

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