Sunday, December 13, 2009

Every 13th of the month, I'll sit down in front of the computer, with my blogger dashboard opened and ready to write an entry for 14th.

And I realised, its becoming an evaluation of myself,
how I treat him,
was I too naggy?
was I too stubborn?

I'll definitely find a certain something to dislike about myself each month.

And this month,
Its my bloody temper.

Honestly speaking, its among one of those really stressful months.
My mum's been nagging at me, all sorts.
I found it harder and harder to control my temper.

I'm naturally peaceful, and I hardly blow up.
But when I really do, I can get so sharp with words, you'll feel like killing me right there and then.
I'll twist every thing you say, and I'll retort to every sentence you say.

I guess that's what all my loved ones,
especially BF, have been enduring.

I just blew up this afternoon.
I didn't feel good about it.
I had an argument with my mum this morning.
Then afternoon came all the shits.

I've been giving all sorts of attitude to people who didn't deserve it.

So now, I'm really really sorry to those I blasted.

I knew you're tired yet I gave you the attitude.
I'll put my temper back in control, I swear.

Its gonna be the 7th month together tomorrow.
We won't get to see each other tomorrow,
and today ended on a bad note,
but I'll still want to tell you,


There's no one else who matters more than the number 1 in my heart.

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