Sunday, April 12, 2009

Don't know what's wrong with me today.
I started to feel so insecure, that I'm missing all that's close to me.
I'm stay home today, cause J is having family dinner till late.
Maybe that's why.

Feeling so so restless!
*stretches herself*

Happy Easter Sunday!


Good Friday:

Klunching with Kai, Leaking & Raymund.
The couple got into an argument.
And I got into another with my ex.

But ah well.
Still have to go on with our day we after Kbox, we chilled out at Tea Valley.
And their service killed the very last of our patience.
Cause they kept saying "I forgot!"

Forgot our orders.
Forgot how many drinks we ordered and punch the card accordingly.
Forgot to even bill us.



I walked Kai home from the station and took Bus 81 home.


Went to PS to help Leaking and her friend, Jean, for their Business Management Pro Cert project.
Cause they're lacking of a member (She never ever turns up for lessons), Leaking asked if I could give some suggestions, as well as proof read through their work.
Met up with Sky after, then Jean treated us to HK cafe.

Rained like no one's business.
But as we reached Bugis, the humans are all....
Oh well~

No mood to shop,
so we followed Sky to his fishing shop to get some stuff.
I suggested to have some coffee at this nice little cafe I spotted along the way.

And I love that place.

Its called the Coffee Nations,
located at Beach Road, just opposite Raffles Hospital.

We were seated at the sofa seats and I took some pictures of the rain stained windows.

Just love it.

Sky's Root Beer Float.
I had Iced Mocha, and Leaking had Hot Choc.
We slacked there for nearly 2 hours.

I think I'll be coming back.

As for now~

I better eat my lunch.

I knew somethings happened.
And its like, the past is coming back.

Babes, stay strong.

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