Monday, April 13, 2009

Starting work tomorrow, people!
So I went out today, to console my sad soul hoho.

Lunch at Sushi Tei @ Tampines One:

Waiting to be seated...

I've always wanted a sushi tei in Tampines.
And so, kudos to T1 hoho~

Leaking, WHO are you looking at!?

I got use okay!

Plain Udon, with Salmon Sushi & Chawanmushi.

Oh loves to Udon.

Heaven is orange.
I'm so cheesy.


Leaking's Curry Rice.
I still prefer Curry Favor though.

Met up with tong at Orchard, then we headed to Bugis.
Shopping and then Iluma, the new mall.

Its pretty new, so nothing much yet.
But its big, spacious and quite a good place to slack if you dont't wanna have food or drinks.
Just sit inside with the air con.

Yes, I'm being stupid.

Shall update tomorrow with work progress.
Hopefully its good!

Tons of love to my babes.

And oh, I'm planning quite a few stuffs.

Firstly, I'm planning a trip to Brisbane to visit Yan.
We talked about it over MSN yesterday, and I was thinking, I'll save on hotels, so why not?
So I discussed it with my parents today and yeap, approved.
I just have to save.

Secondly, its my 21st birthday.
Most probably a chalet at Aranda.
So tong, I need you. *teary eyed*
25,26,27 sept.
Wait for my invitation dears.

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