Friday, April 03, 2009

Met up with my babes yesterday!

Bitched like no one's biz,
Vaal wanted to explode with excitement already.
So scary.

She caught a shark. (Taken from kate lol)

Ah Kat turned Holy.

Heng ah.
I think i'm still normal...

I think bitching sessions can cure first day menses cramps.
My babes are wonder women.

Or rather banana peels lah huh.


Preparing for interview later.
Shall take a cab, regardless of the money in my wallet.
Cause, its best to arrive nicely, then search unglamly for the unknown bus home.

Edited @ 9am:

waiting for time to pass.
I woke up way too early.
Cause I was thinking,

I havent prepared my list of certs.

And haven't print my Resume.
(Double Yep)

Haven't prepared what to wear, how to carry myself, how to go.
Need to blow my hair, iron it straight (cause after cutting my hair, it curls more easily)

And now I'm done with all.
Including morning call to a friend.
And I'm waiting for 920 hahaha.

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