Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Like hi, people!
I don't get to be online often anymore!
I still check my stuff and all but...

My job can be considered sai kang, aka the shit workload.
I have deadlines to meet sometimes.
And recently there's a directory to be published by end Apr.
So everyone's rushing like crazy.

Including me of course.
My neck aches.
Been staring at addresses, company names and all.

Please flip all directories by Times Publishing/Marshall Cavendish with gratefulness.


I spent 8 hours a day proof reading the addresses.
Second day into work, and I'm not loving it yet.
Maybe its cause I'm not used to it.
But doing the same thing over and over again.
Its just plain boredom.

Its sorta worse than admin jobs, cause you don't multitask.

no comp.

Thanks to babes for emergency cheer up lunching with me.
Tons of love to strawberry sisters hoho.

Back in contact with a certain human.
I won't go another step further.

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