Saturday, April 18, 2009

Birdpark with Leaking and Sky:

Brunch at Jurong Point (Yes people, I stay in the other end of the green line)
Can only say, what they have, tampines seems to have it as well.
But its bigger, of course. Maybe we can combine the three malls here together lol.

Yes okay, reached around 1230 (with sky still half asleep and don't know how to listen to what I say. He heard, he didn't listen.)

And here we go:

Fat fat!
Looks like plushies to me.

Love this picture.
Happen to caught it when it was splashing around.

PINK Flamingoooooooooooooessssss.

And you think that was alot?
THIS is alot.

Here duckie duckie!


Happy birdies.

Like, big happy birdies.

My boyfriends in waiting.
Or girlfriends?
Aiya, don't know lah, they all looked like they're capable of protecting a damsel in distress, you know, like me?



With Sky, self camwhored of course.

Just an exhibit.
But then again it might be real, just preserved.

Sky, are you trying to earn extra cash uncovering dinosaurs' bones?
Don't like that leh.
You earn more than I do you know!

Headless Ostrich.
Okay, its just cause it bent down.


Pretty ones.

And of RED!

Actually they looked like chilli flakes scattered around.

Leaking and I called this the wedding walk lol.

....There's o phone inside.
And of course I'm not gonna come out wearing my underwear on the outside you know.

So loving lah huh~
Make me jealous only!

With leaking, after finishing the rounds in the park.
Super tired.

Look at that FACE.
The sun's a-shining, not only shining, its scorching hotttttt!

Bird Show.
I was tanding at least 15m away from the centerstage.
Please thank zooms.

Skinny birdies.

I wished I was as skinny.

Yea I'm done.

Recently there's been people apologizing to me.
For things that were over and done.
But I always say, it takes two hands to clap.
If something happened between us, definitely there's fault on both parts.

But it never balanced.

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