Thursday, April 09, 2009

I've got my digital cam back!

That also meant I paid for the repairs alrd, and there goes nearly 100bucks.

Oh so broke.
I'm so in debt to Kailin!

Anyway, pictures explain.

Sweetie tong, on Tuesday.
Town again ROAR.

My babes' fav Paragon Toilet HAHA.

Tong... What are you doing......?

Met up with Hiyu Jie for Victor's.
Oh the hakgaos and what's not.

And after this.
Hiyu Jie fell and off we went to Tampines by Cab to sooth her swollen ankle.
Poor girl.

Its the grand opening of Tampines One today!
After I went for my body checkup, I went alone to Tamp 1 to have a feel of what' going on in the afternoon.

I happily realised that there's Mr Bean,
got myself a cup of soya bean milk for lunch and home I went.

And night came,
then I went again, this time with leaking.

Silly KaiLin didn't answer my calls.
20calls yo.
I got so dulan-ed.
But she called back in the end.


Its people mountain people sea.

Really, I have to line up juz to get up the escalator.


Oh well.

We headed to Thai Express for Dinner!
(Yes finally, THAI EXPRESS! Gab BFF! We now have one in Tamp yaaaaay!)

Tampines now have pretty much everything, except for branded shops.
Carls Jr, Sasa, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, Veeko, Mitsju...

And Raymund's finger.
He slashed a pen knife across his nail during work.
And the doc have to glue it back.

Me, Leaking and a Raymund peeking behind.

And the loving couple.

I'm tired.

I didn't mean to stress you.
I hope I didn't.
I enjoy every min I spent with you.
I haven't felt like that ever since, well, I don't remember.
Like what you said too.

Let us just laugh through all our stupid problems, okay!

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