Friday, November 27, 2009

Nong Nong Hair...

When I was having dinner with my family just now,
my mum asked if my hair is a nuisance, esp when its straight, and thick and of course, super long.

Actually, I didn't realise my hair was THAT long till everyone start touching my hair and kept saying the same sentence:

"Waaaa your hair very long!"

Then I looked at pictures taken of me and I go: oooooooh ya hor! My hair is really long!

Then I asked my mum, should I cut it?
Like, really snip it off?
But I don't think I can pull off a short hair-do like Grace's,
Plus, I'm not exactly slim faced either.

And I think BF will snip my head off if I chopped my hair off really short.

My mum kept trying to convince me to cut it, of course.
Maybe she's sick of the hair strands in the bathroom and in front of my mirror.

I went to youtube and learned a better way of curling my hair...

and it looks faaaaaaaaaaaaab!

So, yes,
judging from this picture, I'm sure you know I have NO WILL to cut my hair anymore.

Maybe till it grows really long and messy.


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