Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jeslene kept whining about having no events or photos to update about...


*Grand music echos through*

Oh well, nothing much actually.
But gonna update nonetheless.

I spent my Friday with dear Xuan for shopping in Orchard -> Bugis!
Was really comfy with her, though we meet like what, 1 year once? HAHA!
We roamed Takashimaya in search for a birthday present for my mum.
Would be there again this coming Friday to get it! =D

Had 'Dinner/Lunch' inTaka Basement:

Chicken Nuggets & Chips.

Fish & Chips.

We crapped all the way from Orchard to Bugis.
Xuan then parted ways with me as she was going to Hell-loween @ Downtown, so I met Leaking up for dinner!

Yes Xuan, after talking about Jap food, I craved for Sakae hohohoho!

I spent the whole of my Saturday with my wife and hubby.
Leaking & BF haha =D

Before I headed out - and the heels BF bought for me for our 1st monthsery =)
Basic tees are what I choose to wear nowadays.
Too lazy to dress up you see.

And tons of people told me my new glasses suited me more.
BF chose the frame for me after I told him I wanted square frame.
So now he's really proud of himself cause so many people complimented on it.

Leaking and I brought lunch for BF at his workplace,
then the both of us roamed Anchorpoint.
Tons of people lining up outside Secret Recipe cause they were having 50% off their cakes.
I wasn't shocked cause I saw that line at Tampines One yesterday.

Slacked the remaining 2 hours off at BF's workplace before we bus-ed to Clementi to get water plants.

So behold, the improvised version of BF's Planted Tank!

Before: Simple, but a lil empty.

After, more plants and efforts!
I thought it looked pretty =))

BF sent me home and is most probably reaching Boon Lay soon haha!

I'm super duper tired now.
(Glances at BF)

No more energy to type further!
November would be exciting =D

Malaysia trips, Prawning, Palau Ubin, Mum's Birthday, Nephew's 1st month...

Till then!

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