Sunday, October 25, 2009

Random pictures of BF, Bingo my dog, and I in case you get boooooooooooored of meeeeeeee:

Baby carrying Bingo.
My dog loves to watch what's happening outside the window.

Us <3
I love this picture!

To love, is to care wholeheartedly, and to be willing to listen to what he/she have to say.
We might be sweet and all to the public eye, but we argue too.
Sometimes it gets so bad, the both of us can get really harsh.
Its just that no one sees it.

Admittedly, we recently argued for three days consecutively. (With each lasting for less than 1 hour lol)
But we apologised and still love each other like mad.
And today, after seeing a friend couple of ours quarrel like we did,
we both agreed to talk things out, and change for the better.

I just hope my friends would be fine, after all they went through 3 years together.
Its really very very hard to find someone you would love as a 'Husband/Wife'.
For someone to settle down with you willingly.


Treasure what you have if you've found him/her.
Lose them and it might never be the same again.



Would love to blog about entertaining events except that there ain't any!
November is coming and it'll be a busy month!
Birthdays and all!

And I'm officially an AUNTIE!
My cousin gave birth to a baby boy last Saturday =D

I wanna head to Malaysia for one day shopping with BF!
Hopefully November would be fabulous <3

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