Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Jeslene is now at Plaza Singapura's MacDee.
I'm trying my very best to slack through 2 hours.
Should have gotten myself newspapers.
Oh well, later I guess.

Surviving through with apple pie and a cup of hot tea.

Oh that time while I was waiting for ODL at Queensway,
I slacked 3 hours away with just hot tea and newspapers!


Actually I'm pretty random now.

Cause one is supposed to be able to survive through 2 hours with their laptops.
But why not me and my netbook?

Maybe I should head to Bugis Village for random shopping.


And yes this is one of those random entries that I type when I'm extremely bored.

Oh, I woke up extra early to accompany Baby to beach road to get his Cardia Kix.
Feels good to see him awake in the morning and brain working.
Think he'll kill me when he sees this post.

OKAAAAY now someone is eating a strawberry sundae opposite me.
I got craving.
But I can't! I'm drinking hot tea!
Oh did I mentioned that I am now having a tummy upset?
Couldn't stop running to the toilet since morning.

I think I should end this ramble ram rambling post.
(Nudges tong)

Wish me luck!

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