Sunday, October 04, 2009

Life's been colourful for me.
Nope, I didn't head to anywhere special.
Nope, didn't shop recently either.

I've been spending time with loved ones.

After reading one disaster after another, I feel blessed to be right here, in Singapore.

Spent my weekend with Mum and Baby.
VIvo-ed, Daiso-ed, LongJohn-ed, Pet-safari-ed.


I spent the whole of my Sunday with Baby.
Managed to catch some of Fann & Chris's wedding.
Chris Lee is so so sweet to fann!

Snuggled and slept the whole afternoon away.
Yes, we really slept the whole afternoon.
In the aircon, under comfy blankets and with each other's warmth =)
And headed back to my place for delicious dinner at night.

My mum's a genius in cooking.
Cereal Prawn, Sweet&Sour pork, White Radish soup.

Baby, and the butt of my dog.

Disturbing him.
He was reading newspaper.
I was so so interested in the topless carwash thing.
I wonder if I would get jealous if it was my bf who got that carwash.

Honestly I w0uld lah.
I don't have flat tummy.
BUT i got my own assets okay!

Like... erh... flabby arms...
Oh well.

The durian cake, the boyfriend and the terrible crocodile thriller showing on channel 5.

I no no like thrillers.
Scared the hell outta me.
Yes I is a cowardice.

I once watched Final Destination on the request of my friends.
And I ended up closing my eyes and blasting my mp3.
But I don't want to waste my money so I opened my eyes ever so occasionally to see a head chopped off or something.


I need a comedy yo.

Weekend's coming to an end but I'm looking forward to the next already!

Feeling loved <3

Something IMO:

people would say, being single meant freedom.
You can do anything, flirt, play, and make sure your life is full of excitement.
That life of drink, drank, drunk without a care.

But I can tell you.
Stability is all I need.
I had that single life.
And that made me appreciate what I have now even more.
I didn't lose my freedom,
and I gained another person who cares for me more than anything else.

Of course, you're free to say:
"Jes your blog's so boring! Just love love love love! Not the least bit interesting."

But allow me to shoot this back at you:

I've been blogging for 7 years.
Every entry marks every little thing in my life.
Don't expect me to act single when I'm lovingly attached.


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