Thursday, March 30, 2006

Im kinda lazy to update actually, but might as well lolz....

Putting on mask now, lol, juz like yan, juz tt mine is whitening mask, cuz tomolo going to wild wild wet again, I nid more whitening. lol....

Yesterday went to Yan's house, but before that, we went to Kbox. Actually it's juz me and kailin, the reason being: Yan is tired, and Ching totally forgot we're suppsoed to go out yesterday. She FORGOT ya know. I called and called her, cuz i was afraid that she was still sleeping, and she did that that day we went to jurong east swimming complex, so i got shadows of the past. Lolz... But after calling nine times, not counting those I hung up half way, she still din call back... So we called her house and she was still at HOME.

Fine, so we went to sing kbox, i dunnoe why but two ppl can really be high enough to get themselves crazie lolz. I mean it.

So okays, we went to meet ching at tampines mrt, and she explained that she FORGOT about the 'date' we're having, and she on-ed her fone into silent mode, isn't tt great? LOL. Then before we went to yan's house we started some shopping, no should be I started shopping and I fraged them along. Lol, Ching and kai ending up buyin things too, lolz... By the time we got to yan's house, she was asleep, cuz waited too long for us wahhas.

We played Sims 2! It's quite fun, but a lil more stupider and complicated compared to the sims and its expansions. While we were designing the charcs, we alwaus end up laughing.

TARUS is the most COLORED among the 12 horoscopes! *stares at yan*



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