Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally went to get all the webcam pictures from my laptop.
LOL at the first picture. Its too funny to put into a collage.
Look at kathy's LAYS IS MY POWER!

I'm sorta rotting at home now.
Actually watching a movie but then welchun had got last min changes so there goes my Red Cliff.
Next tuesday loh...

I'm going to hibernate a while, then prepare to go library!
Ya, you saw it, its LIBRARY!
Just felt like borrowing some books to entertain myself.

I can't believe I rewatched the whole series of Little Nonya.

SOME people.
Just have the ultimate guts to order THEN backout.
Don't they know ordering the stocks need capital?
You think $100bucks is good enough to forfeit all the costs?

I laugh at you okay.

Details, go to Xue's blog.

These days my blog entries couldn't be shorter.
its due to my pure boredom okay.
Nothing much really happened.

Maybe perhaps, I watched Will Smith's Seven Pounds with Jun Han.

Its pretty... boring but oh well, its quite touching near the end when I realised what happened.
No spoilers, but you won't know what the hell Will Smith is doing throughout the movie until the last moments.
Its pretty slow moving so yeah.
I won't really recommend it, cause you know Jun Han and I heard someone snoring.
And we moved to the back of the cinema so we can play with our phones without disturbing other people.

Okay now.
I just hope everyone will stay happy.
And bored.
At least when you're bored you won't like, you know, get unhappy and stuff.
Im so bored now I don't even know how to emo.

Zai hor.

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