Sunday, January 11, 2009

All the random photos stuck in my handphone.
I better get some batteries so that my cam will start working again.
I wondered what took me so long hahaha!
I guess with the thought 'My phonecam can be as good', I wouldn't get new batteries.


The sunshine rocks.

In Unicampus toilet.

I was at Ehub with Yan yesterday after heading to the Library with Kailin.

And we saw this Fortune God thing that "showers" 4D numbers.
I was taking this photo at the back of area when this stupid 4D number flew and SLASHED my boobs.

So maybe it will you know, come out?
Buy lah?


My bestie who is going to fly to Aus on the 16th of Feb.
My mixed emotions.

Had superdog for dinner, and I tried to take picture of the ferris wheel behind me.

Maaaan I'll miss this girl so so much!

Super dog!

And the grilled fish burger.
Not very nice actually.

Did I mentioned that we went to Seoul Garden for our 4hours break on wed?

Nono, we didn't eat this!
This is the aftermath!
We dared each other to take a spoonful of the soup.
For like 10bucks?

My vaal and I, on Kel's car.


Count on Kathy to camwhore on both sides.
She's taking a picture with her camera, but smiling at mine.


mooooooooooooore fooooooooooood!

We headed for arcade after.
4hours well spent.
Took puri as well but I haven't scanned.

Im waiting for the nonya thing.

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