Sunday, February 07, 2010

What does it says?
It's obvious:


As I've mentioned, I bumped into her a few days before her birthday party.
Coincidentally, it was her actually birthday on that day.

So, Tong, BF and I went over to her place for a small gathering with her family!

Before that, BF went for a haircut at Jean Yip,
then we went off to Bugis for HIS shopping.
Psst, he spent quite some money and I only spent $5 on a new belt.

Well, okay, I spent on his Vday present.

Met up with a seller for trades and I'm currently in love with the dress now =)

And off to anne's place!

As her relatives took photos and such,
BF and I managed to catch Tong giving this look.

So we say.

Tong, please don't kill me.

As the birthday day girl cut the cake,
Tong told me, its somehow their tradition to cut a small bit of the cake and feed everyone, and vice versa.

& Maryanne looked stunning!

I didn't know about it, cause I don't really have alot of Indian friends =\
I used to have a close one, but we drifted.
And haha, her name is too, Marian.
Same pronunciation.

We were treated to a feast of Indian food!

I personally love how Indian food is cooked.
Mostly spicy, & has my favourite muttooooooooooon!

Whenever I taste food different from the Chinese, or the common Western,
I really appreciate how unique the food from other races are.
Simply ommm nomnoms.

(mum just came in to drool at all the food. She loves Indian food too, so Tong, bring us to your Muthu's soon!)

BF went to take a breather outside,
and we had a chat.

It made me appreciate life even more.
Him, great friends and the peace I can get within seconds.

I should stop being a whine, and let him do what he wants.

Definitely, we'll lose the 'Together" time.
But if we're truly in love,
I trust all can be overcome in times to come.

Love you, baby =)

Love ya all, my dearest friends!
My only regret is that I didn't manage to catch Carrie =(
I miss you my shang gong!

BF took this picture and somehow, my phone cam just didn't like Tong enough.
Couldn't detect her face!

We took a bus back to Tampines,
& BF sent me home.

We ended our day at 1230am,
And I dreamt of random stuff like I'm preggys with someone else's baby.
Not BF's.

My Sunday started well,
the first voice I hear is his,
and after breakfast, I transformed into a pig and went to sleep again.

Didn't know I was that tired.

Anyway, random camwhores with the dress I traded yesterday:

All right,
that's all for now!

I'm good at estimation.
I started this post, thinking when I end this post, BF will call me.

Well, he just did!

Tons of love for all in my life!

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