Thursday, February 18, 2010

This year's CNY hits on with Vday!
Do you know, its every 60 years you'll get this clash?

So by the time I get to see the next clash, I'll be like what, 82?
I hope by that time I'll be able to tell my grandchildren that "I've been through that 60years ago hoohohoohoooo!"

But well, anyway.
It'll be too long a post if I joint both events together, so I'll split it.

This is the first Vday BF and I spent together.
If you've seen that crappy video I made for him, you might have noticed the last valentine's for both of us is special in a way.

Well, he confessed to me while he was prawning, of all activities.
And he even asked MeiXiu, his God-sis to speak a few good words about him when he got a catch.

That girl has got one hella attitude, and I love her =D

Feb 14 marks three events for me, excluding the lol-ed confession:

1) Lunar Chinese New Year
2) Valentine's Day
3) 9th Monthsery

And you can predict it was a really tiring day for the both of us.

On my side, I woke at 8am, and went off for visitings.
I have tons of relatives asking when I'm gonna get married etc etc etc etc.
Three locations later, I took a bus back to Tampines and met him up.

We didn't well, celebrate actually.
We just had some home time, with food and tons of love.

Went to cold storage to get ingredients, snooping around the supermarket looking at random stuff and being silly.

We should have more supermarket trips more often.

Frying veg popias.

Is that how you spell that?
I honestly typed popians just now.

Popians, I belly stupid one.

BF melting the chocs.
There's something sexy about a man in long sleeves, cooking.
What's more, chocs!

Chocs are for....

Choc dipped strawberries!
We shared the berries with my mum when she came home after lol.

BF doing the neat decors.
He always does the decors, really.
When it was my birthday, he did the same thing, making sure the meats laid nicely on the plate.

Btw, the above sentence sounds a little wrong.
I shouldn't have used the word 'Laid'.

He's concentrating on his .


I'm concentrating on Ang Ku Kuey, lying face down on my bed.

He took the last train home =)
We hardly stay at each others' place cause aiya, not married HAHAHA.
Okay, sort of, but its actually cause his bed isn't big enough.


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