Monday, February 08, 2010

Shopping ahhhhh!

Very, very womanly post.
Men, don't think you'll be interested unless you like to stare at boobs.

Shopping with best friends can never go wrong!
Too bad my bestie is flying back next week!

I'm gonna miss her like mad again.

Now, if only I tio TOTO and visit her in Brisbane...
(btw, I don't gamble, so its just nonsense lol.)

Met Bestie up at 1130am, and off we went to somerset for lunch!
Had Kobayashi cause I have cravingssssssss.

Went to my favourite shop in Cineleisure,
and got myself chunky bangles and ear studs!
Gonna ask if BF wants the studs or not, can spare him one hoho.

Got 2 spag tops for $15, and I was a happy girl already.
Wandered around Heerens but seen nothing, so off we went to 313 for Forever 21.

And we strayed there for 1hour plus.
Trying accessories, clothes, browsing, gossiping.
Bestie made me try a dress with her, guess she don't wanna be the only one weird!
Hers was a red satin cocktail dress, and mine:

Some fluffy white dress.
Gosh, it looked like I have Size F boobs or something.
(I don't okay. Sadly LOL)

My mum saw this picture and she thought it was pretty.
I think if my mum was around, she'll buy it for me.

Bestie and I have identical fluff hairpins!
Hers white, and mine black!

Can't see mine here, so she made me take a selfshot:

Love the top!

PS: I accidentally closed this window after I typed this sentence. Heng it was saved. If not I'll be screaming.

I'm gonna have lovey dovey holiday mood cause I'll be with b ah b ah b tomorrow and wednesday!

Rah rah rah ah ah~

pss: congrats tong~

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