Monday, February 23, 2009

Finally got my lazy bum up to upload some photos.
For no reasons, I'm feeling the need to fall asleep again.
Why am I so tired?
Or was it Olivia's voice doing its magic. LOL.

But yes anyway....

HAPPY 21st to CALLY!

I was at her party yesterday night.
So sorry dear, that I have to leave early!
Shopping soon!

After Cally's party I went to Bedok Reservoir for a walk.
Cooling, and rather romantic.

Supposed to meet up with Sam, who didn't drown himself cause his results is fine after much paranoid thoughts, but he flew me a kite.

So now I'm home after going to shenton.
So so so so..... restless!

These days, the photos I take is all of the same expression.
Smiling tiredly.
And this picture, I look so weird.
What's wrong ah?
The smile too fake is it? HAHA.

Vaal looked so energetic but I looked like I'm drying up.

Anyway I had family dinner that night and the food SUCKED.
So just don't go to Century Square, basement 1, that cafe beside the toilet.
The tofu was like swimming in the tasteless sauce.

And before you forget how energetic I used to be,
here the ever so ugly-but-heck Jeslene.

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