Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm feeling all these mixed feelings.
It felt so weird having to let her leave my comfort zone, especially when she is the comfort zone itself.

From the first day she stepped into my life, she never left for that long.
Penang that time was just 2months.

It was quite a torture then, not having to contact her and ask her for a hug.
And that was only 2 months?

Now, today, later at 9pm, I'm going to send my best friend off to Brisbane.
She will fulfill her dreams of studying overseas.
I'm glad for her, but at the same time, its impossible for me to stay unmoved.

I'll miss her like no one's business, no doubt.
In fact I think I need to do some serious tai ji to keep myself calm.

2 years plus is definitely not short, but not too long either.
There is Skype, msn, email, and whatever.
But I'll still miss her so.

Dear Yan,

I know how you feel now.
Guess you're feeling it much more than I am.
Being alone overseas is not easy, definitely.
Your family, Joel, Friends and Me, we won't be around 24/7.
But its better late than never ok?

I think I better feel those emotions now than later in the airport.
Waaah I think I need more than just a little courage to stay calm.
You told me not to cry.

Later mummy cry, i also kenna.

I'll miss you so much.

Take good care of yourself there.
Bon Voyage.

And I love you.

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