Saturday, August 26, 2006

Friday night! Went out with my 'family' dears. It's after so long then we finally gathered all together, the 6 of us. We went to Marina Square K-box for the singing and buffet session. It's only 3 hours tho. =.= Unlike what the flyer says, 4 hours. wtf.

But whatever, here the pictures!

This is what I call, aftermath.

Qiqi and I, in the kbox room already! After eating then can smile of course.
You see how QunYu is so enjoying eating?
Ying, Yen and I, siao siao diao diao =.=
My girls, stand on the sofa. LOL.
Yen and I, while the others are singing!~

After the session, we went outside just to take a picture. I tried using my fone, and the colour was..... well, orange.

We asked one guy with his girlfriend *sorrie, disturbed the both of you* to take a picture for us. But qi's whatever gadget she has, and brings, always low batt. We took two pictures, but we ended up only with ONE. Sad la?

But here is the SIX of us. ^^

Love ya all babes!

EDIT: Have to delete some pics due to no space =.=

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