Sunday, October 31, 2010

I haven't been updating regularly,
so its pretty okay if my readership drops,
But somehow or rather, I realised through nuffnang's stats of my blog, I still get some view counts each day.

And here are the very random keywords that led them here:

About the girl and girl sucking whatever,
why can't the pervert-with-bad-english just type 'porn'?

Maybe he/she/it wants to be specific.

Top search for another week is Tampines ITE,
which has NOTHING to do with me.

and wow, Siglapian Sex?
If Siglap Sec ever stumbles on my blog, its time you guys take note.
无风不起浪, if there's nothing others know, there wouldn't be such a search.

And fiza webcam?
Fiza's gonna be shocked.

Yes I know rikku is hot.

Conclusion: weirdos are everywhere.

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