Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Life is a mishmash of colours!

One moment I can feel really down,
certain things can happen and drag me to hell.

Then the next thing I know, I'm up and about,
feeling satisfied with my life.

Dramatic as it seems, probably everyone is experiencing the same thing.

One thing to be happy about,
is that BF and I passed the 1Year6Mths mark~
October was hell for me.
We fought, until we almost broke up.

I cried, pleaded and felt like the world was ending.
Then suddenly I stopped crying and well, I was prepared for my mini world end.
No kidding, I am THAT emotional.

But the fights were... weird.
It started over a small outburst.
Then it blew up, and controlled his emotions.

Up till now, we have no exact idea what controlled him.

I'm just glad I have a special someone who tells me he loves me every time he calls.
And a pair of arms to hold me when the land beneath cracks.

It was Mom's Birthday yesterday!
She refused to get exact candles, so here's the one big candle so you can't guess her age.

We went prawning in the afternoon,
and it turned out to crabbing after.

My mom & BF moved over to the crabs section and started catching crabs instead.
And now we have 4 crabs waiting to be eaten tonight =D

Dinner was Buffet @ Sakura Downtown east!

Selections are very limited, but enough to fill us to the brim.

BF and I were so stuffed,
we took a long walk around downtown east to ease the uneasy tummy lol.

Comparing the photos now,
I guess I still prefer my Pixon when it comes to taking photos:

Here's us, taken with Pixon.

And here's me, taken using Iphone 4.

I looked like a simpson.

And here's the Simpsons family + waiter's shaky hand syndromes.

Oh, and before I end this entry,
We were at the fountain pond area waiting for my brother yesterday.
We were honestly just looking at the fishes (GIANT PACU! Its probably 6KG! lol!)

The security guard kept his eyes on us.
No matter where he goes, he stares at us.

I know he's doing his job la.
Maybe we don't look like a family? (Or we looked like a badass family?)
Maybe BF's prawning rod looked like a potential weapon?
Maybe I looked like I was about to jump into the pond & kidnap the Pacu?

Either way, he's doing his job, but erh... I didn't know we looked that suspicious.

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