Saturday, December 13, 2008


Very tired, so lazy to give a very detailed report.
I was just there to be Barand mei mei, so Skye Jie Jie says. HAHA.
So here, is my ultra Chio Hiyu jie:

Yearly tradition, the Candid.

Oh so cute!

Me love! HAHA!

Playing with cam settings..

My brother, happy family huh hahaha.
I quite like this pic =D

Chio bu!

This shows my camwhoring skills using a camera and not my phone, is still intact. HOHO.

The full costume =)

I look so... anyhow beside her hahaha!

Still have got some pictures...
But I haven't edit.
And random stuff in my FB album too =)
Interested just check it out.

Had Dinner with Bestie, Joel & BFF.

I think I laughed till jaw dislocate.
bff, help =(

Kbox with Gerald tomorrow!
And zoo on monday!

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