Monday, December 08, 2008

I am so tired!
My batteries running low today, and everyone around me seemed... under the weather as well.
But not me I guess. To a certain extent yes.
The reason why I'm so tired was coz I was on msn with Zhiying & Gabriel all the way till 4am in the morning.
I then woke at 8am.

Don't know what's wrong with my body clock.

I found myself a new BFF and that's Gabriel.
Its just so weird why we didn't have much contact with each other, though its been like, a year since we got to know each other.
My fellow competition mate, and Hark Performing Team comrade.

Its just yesterday when we started talking, it clicked.
Gab said it was more than just clicked.
We had so many similarities from food, to thinking.
I crack him up, and he cracks me up.

I think he would be another bff that I could hold hands and walk around with haha.
We made tons of plans for his holiday which he dedicated half to me.
Zoo, vivo city & EOY!

Excited =)

I was on the phone for 3 hours with him.
Now i'm super tired.

I was out with Zhiying in the afternoon for lunch and christmas presents planning hahaha.
Thanks for the treat man, but still being so cunning leh, hmph.

Evening was dinner with Wei Chun.
Ri Ben Chun and it was good =)

Then at 9pm i just called Gab and we started chatting for 3plus hours.
Endless topics.
I love him =D

My house now has a big big LCD tv, sleek stereo to replace the old one, a new washing machine and a new 8.1mgp dig cam.

Cannot tahan.
I need to slp.
Night babies =)

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