Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I took quite some time uploading all the pictures into my blog.
Almost died hahaha!
Its quite alot, so yeah, its not exactly all.

Babes, I'll zip it up and send it to you all k!

Bff and I went all the way to Kranji in the morning to get free entries for us.
Actually we thought it was just entry for like, 2 people.
But in the end, one membercard admits 4, and we have two of those cards!

Cheappo Jeslene announce: We saved $18 + $5(tram ride) = $23 x 6
$ 138!

Worthed the long long trip to Kranji, and my poor ezlink card.

Bff and I took a cab down, and realised all the others were late.
So we had late breakki in KFC.
And when they finally arrived, we went on!

The weather is kinda sucky, rainy and all.
But we were at mercy, the rain stopped for quite a while, if not, it was only drizzling.
And when the heavy rain came, it was only for a while and we always happen to be near some shelters =D

Ever so famous, the white tigers.

But oh well, they are still pretty magnificiant.

Biong biong!

The three emo kia.
I so love this picture!
Bff said he wanna make it into his wallpaper hahaha.

Tons of red butts.
Apparently the bigger the butt is, the bigger its status is in its tribe.
But some of the butts looked like red brains pouring out.

Hairy hairy.
They'll do anything just for food.
We saw one doing somersaults, and one doing a headstand, one jumping like crazy and another catching all the food by its mouth.

Free roaming orang utans.

My lovely babes <3

I mean, my zodiac. Haha, the dragon.

Tulan face.

A smaller Komodo...

Star Tortise...


My babes!

Baby crocs. I wonder if they are real hahahah.

Babies are nothing compared to this adult one.
Giant man.

Its a spider web!
Its like, damn neat!

Nice posture, buddy.

We ended up in Kidzworld for lunch!
And a crazy kathy who needs a seat for lunch.

Kampung exhibit in Kidzworld!
No that's not vaal's ah mah.

Not my darling either.


And a fake wok, its actually just stuck there, but Kel made it looked so real.


Butterflies. I like this pic!

Polar bear...

Shaky hand syndromes.

And even more shaky.

Long long necks.


Looked so near me right, but its just my mighty zoom.

They are the trend now, you know.

"why the hell am I sitting in a cage then the others are outside?"

That's it!

Bff and I went back to Tampines and had Ajisen!
I was craving for loads of other stuff, and he gave in to me hahaha.

I'm gonna have my Sakae Buffet later =P

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