Saturday, December 06, 2008

I spent the whole day shopping!
And thanks to Steven who loves me I was about to shop without much limit in Bugis!
Hugs steven!

I got myself a pouch, three tops and bra & g-string.
Yeah too much details but I don't care cause I'm happy!

I love love hiyu jie too!

Random pictures!

My girls.
Its a wonder how photos turn out to be so frameable when we just took it without any coordination.
Kathy will lift the cam and we will just crowd together.

YES! I know my girls are downright CHIO!

Nothing la, just show off my new top.
And 5bucks belt.
My hair is so thick!


This is a thumb drive.

When I saw this picture my small aunt posted on facebook, I cried.
That's my grand ma who passed on this april.
I miss her so much =(

I wonder what will happen after this.
Problems, I reckon.

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