Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Its just very hard for me not be happy now.
Just smiling the whole day.
Was out with Vaalvaal, ZhiYing & Bff.
We just roamed around lah.

Was waiting for vaalvaal and ZY cause I reached early.
and when ZY reached I dragged him to bodyshop hahaha.
Buah whatever on him hahaha!

Then when we were in Robinsons, insane Vaal came running to us for help.

Had lunch at pasta mania, and bff came to meet us.
He knew what I was eating O_O.

Stupid vaal and zhiying pranked bff and I.
Disappeared and made me searched for them.
I was gossiping with bff lah!
So we just walked and walked and walked like that.
So I made them walk in front instead.
Got the same spag as vaalvaal in F21 =D

Can't wait for my F21 stuff to come!

Was at Far East, and asked about the stuff I wanted to buy.
Opinions given by the three of them, all declined.

Cabbed over to Bugis street and I SAW NOTHING.
Okay other than these bling bling sandals.
Approved by three of them.
I shall!

Vaal vaal and Zhiying left, so BFF and I decided to get some air con in Parco.
Had a talk in Mos.
Oh well, just let things be the way it is lah.

We headed to Pasir Ris, E-hub for some walkabout, cause BFF haven't been there before.
Had Hei sushi for dinner, and we took a walk in town park.
Loads of ants HAHAHA.

He sent me home and that's about it.
Really is teng me to max already lah.

Stupid b also, I told him I'm going Zoo this monday with Bff cause he said want to bring me and he didn't.
He just laughed loh!

Random pics, I have in my FB.

New cam!

Bringing it to EOY this sat =D

And zoo this coming monday!
Can't waaaaaaaait!

But now.
I better sleep.


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