Saturday, November 29, 2008

I realised I took a lot of pictures,
and all are of food.

Lee Jeslene, where are all the humans?

Like I mentioned, I woke up at 8am this morning due to an unexpected sms.
So now, I'm giddy with sleeping spells.

I was looking through certain emails yesterday and I saw this email my ex-stage manager in emage backstage forwarded to me.
Its of a competition for solo vocals, or groups, or composing by NTU.

Seriously, I considered about it but I decided against it.
I have no strength to face competition stress, like before.
Oh well.
You can tell me, just join, for the experience.
Sure, but once you've been through one, you'll dread the next. That's my case.

Tat sin also asked if I want to go for auditions in Ark.
Perhaps I should, after all, I'm not someone who likes to hide my vocals away.
Without the competition stress, of course.

I'm heading back to Hark Music to listen to the Performing Team's evaluation by Amos.
I hope Amos wouldn't be shock to see Ms oldie Jeslene & carissa.

I miss the days when I can just strum my guitar
Just sing
Just play the piano
Enjoying the solo power of my violin
and even just running my fingers through my guzheng.

Now, it seems like everything have to happen for a reason.


Blogging in blogspot, 3 years.
I wonder when did I really started blogging.
I guess it was way beyond that 3 years.
I found my first entry in the first blog host, and the year wrote 2002.

Functions grew.
From open diaries, you can make it private,
or just open it to friends, like Livejournal.

There's even this little box you can uncheck to make sure you're not listing in any search engines.

Isn't that the best way to make sure no one makes their way to your blog?
Private it, or risk it being read.

People have their freedom to imagine whatever they read.
I don't know, but I trust online emotions to be true to a certain extent.

read with an open mind, dears.
Think what you want, but make sure you know you're not the author, you do not know what he or she is truly thinking.

I don't know you, stranger.
But I blog hopped.
I found you.

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