Monday, November 10, 2008

Updates, updates before I forget!


Out to Bugis with Zaza, Maya, Tong!
Before that I was in KLunch with Wilson & Terrence hahaha!

I missed the ladies like crazy!
Shopped around Bugis, had lunch at Qi Ji!


Sweetness from Maya <3

Fellow Biz Management student from MDIS hahaha!
Zaza & Jes =DD

We chatted about what happened to the other ISP people...
And loads of stupid stuff lah.

Let's hang out soon!
And Maya, sms me! I don't have your number either =(


I met up with CARISSA!
Yes my honey darling fellow hark singer.

Missed her like crazy too.
She told me all about what happened during her A&E attachment in the Hospital.
Like fingers falling off here and there...
Wrapping up people who just passed away...
Seeing this girl who fainted after a fever and just passed away.

Its pretty.... Amazing.
Think my boo saw whatever already.

Had lunch at Heeren's Thai Express Bistro:

Honey & Lime Chicken Rice!
Not too bad.

And Boo's Green Curry.
Service there was good =)

Walked around town and cabbed to Bugis.
I think our topics were rather....
Restricted so the cabby kept throwing glances at us.

Camwhored before we went separate ways!

What you can do with camera angles: ALOT.


And oh, people were having their hands all over Subaru cars.
So tiring =X

I was on the train when Paul called and told me to get off at Aljunied and so I did.
He drove me home - his home lah.
Slacked there and KO-ed there.
Woke up and home I went for dinner.
So its like I went there to take a nap.

But yeah anyway, dears thanks for all hugs and love.

Thinking back on how I spent my weekend, I feel less lonely =D


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