Monday, November 03, 2008

PBM Paper is over and done!

The moment I started on the paper, I vomited whatsoever that's in my brain for the past two days and ta da!!!

Pretty much a breeze through for me.
I know how to do the paper, but left out some points here and there due to a blank out mind.

I was done within an hour, and the paper duration was like, three hours?
Since no one in the class was done with the paper,
I stared at the ants crawling up and down my table.
Meaningful, man.
Actually the moment I sat down I already saw an ant on my paper.
Eh, okay.
I didn't kill any, i think.
Just blew them away.

Was there any saying that goes about when you lai ang cannot kill anything?

But yeah anyway I was the first to come out of the room, followed by Kel & Brian who decided to come along with me.

Some weird guys in the unicampus kept asking the western store uncle to get my attention.
I turned back, thinking it was kathy or kel calling for me, but well its not.
Then I turned back to the uncle, digging for money, he told me to turn back again.
Saw this bunch of guys staring at me.
Then the uncle asked if I know those giggling guys.
I say no, not a chance.


Im so so tired right now!
But I'm so so anticipating tomorrow!
Will get to see Kai & Baby.
But not Econs paper.
Why do I have this bad feeling that its not going to be easy?

Second day of cramps.
Must be that cup of cold apple juice.
Oh well, in exchange for vitamin C loh.

Tcares hunnies!

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