Friday, November 21, 2008

Few things:

  1. I love my bestie hubby 三七二十一燕.

  2. I bought a watch for baby, and since he would never come online, it'll still be a surprise. Its black cause I messaged him today and asked him red or black.

  3. Tampines pasar malam is selling the ribbon belt for 8bucks, instead of town's 12bucks. And hui, if you still want that block skirt, its 10bucks now.

  4. I saw a cute guy on the train and we kept bioh-ing each other while talking to our friends. How interesting.

  5. I miss that blondie so much I feel like stalking him - which I didn't.

  6. I miss my babes in school.

  7. I wrote an entry in Livejournal - which is friends only - about a certain someone who I am pissed with. One after another, how ridiculous his 'love' is.

  8. I am pretty moody, but I'm going to Kbox to sing it out. Gosh, just pass me the mic would you?

The end.

And before my blog start to appear monotonous:

Oh look, its a christmas tree in Taka!
Look closer!

Fluffy teddies!

Apicy soup base Beef Shabu shabu nabe (cough, which means pot, not you know...) in Century square.
Big enough to share with bestie...


Happy belated to my dear Tat Sin, who gave me a super tired look today.
Your tomodachi here is half alive too.

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