Friday, November 07, 2008

Had a great day today =D
I was awaken by sms-es from 7am and decided I have no fate with sleeping till 10am, so I gave up.
Got a little thoughtful and thus the emo bug.
Must be that damn song.

But soon recovered and train-ed to Shenton for lunch.
Kai said she's broke, so we had mix veg rice.
Ok, she had, not me. I was busy.... releasing leftovers in my intestines XD

Met baby up and aiyoyo, this man is so adorable!

He hid this giant roll of toilet paper in the back pocket of his pants and whipped it out for me to dry off sweat and stuff.
My eyes widened when I saw this huge ball of toilet paper.
Hello, he stuffed everything in his pocket, cigarettes, phone, wallet, work papers...
And this!


I couldn't stop laughing.
I looked at him and I just laughed and laughed.
Oh goodness, this guy is really lols.

Can't imagine him in the toilet and pulling all those toilet paper out like a kiasu auntie.

Pretty sky from my house.
Random, i know.

We went to have dinner at Bedok and the vendors are darn scary.
They try to get you to sit at their stations and they will come crowding around you with numerous menus.

Paper prata!

My Combo roti john.
Mushroom, black pepper chicken & egg.

Mashed potato.

Just got home not long ago.
Pretty tired now.

Btw, my MDIS friends...
They say there's changes in the TimeTable...
Monday is no lesson day,
Tuesday is 2-5 at Jenner 2 =)

In case anyone didn't get the email lah.

My baby is so adorable hahahaha.
Strange, I've got the Lelouch wandering in my brain.
Kns, Hiyu jie!!!

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