Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Several things to say:

1) I don't feel like studying (but well, we all know I HAVE TO.)

2) I feel like going back to work, you know, just archiving those architectural, M&E, Landscape, Structural & Sanitary/Plumbing (Wow, I still remember?) drawings of Capita Condos. Better than studying, ya know.

Ya know Ya know. At least all I have to do is carry super heavy drawings to and fro for hours and hours. At least I could do these work without thinking too much, just classify and throw them in the cartons then send in requests for baby to come and collect.

I do my work and I get to see him!
BUT STUDYING~ I only get to see the can of Pringles on the kitchen table since I do my studying there.

Give me back my Riveredge, ANA, Silver Towers, Meyer, Tong Watt, Scotts Highpark and blah blah blah condos back!

(Never knew I love my admin job so much O.o)

3) Stupid baby. What's with that eyes-big-big look huuuuuuh. He had work today (again again) and when the lorry drove past me, He got his eyes fixed onto mine. Reply of my question thru sms was: Hehe. =.=

KaiLin was so amused at his expression cause she said she hardly ever see him being generous with his expressions. Too scary looking lah.

4) I ate NOTHING since morning and I had only like 1/4 of my dinner~ No I'm not aneroxic. Just not hungry, nor do I have any appetite.

I'm going to have a quick shower, then study.
Hopefully tomorrow just come and go.
So sickening.

Lucks people!

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