Friday, November 14, 2008

Been giddy since don't know when.
I wonder why I'm so so tired today.
What's good today is lovesloves my babes in school.
And I had a super good hair day!

Marketing lesson was fun - Better than Law i guess?

After lessons, we accompanied Vaalvaal to Plaza Sing, and I got a card for Mummy.
Its her birthday tomorrow!

Kel drove to Singapore Expo, and we went to Food fair.
Thanks Kathykatiekate who sponsored me $$ to buy stuff =D
Stupid Jeslene forgot to bring her wallet hahaha.


My prettiest babes <3

With Sharon!

On Kel's car, with Kathy's duckduck.
The duckies make sure I'm not lonely in the backseat as Kate & Kel lovingly conversation in front. HAHA.

I saw them kiss kiss at the food fair! *BLUSHES*

Christmas is coming.
Heng I'm not the real reindeer.
I think I will seh in the middle of nowhere, and leave santa to die somewhere cause of his useless reindeer.

And to prove my super good hairday.
I love my hair =D

I can't hide anymore.
From him I couldn't anyway.
I wonder would it still feel the same, its been 1 year since we left each other.
Tomorrow, shall be the answer.

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