Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hello people!

After slacking the whole of my 'holidays' away, its a brand new start with brand new modules!
I'm taking up Business Law & Principles of Marketing & Production Management.
Pretty excited, cause I've always held interest for both Law & Marketing.

Hopefully the little knowledge that I gained during ITE for Marketing helps haha.

Anyway, after that screaming entry from this morning (about my dog yes.)
I woke up like, 10plus due to Kai Lin's sms, and thank goodness she woke me up, I slept through my alarm!
For some reasons I kept missing messages & calls, even with my phone in my hands 24/7.

But anyway, as some of my darls know, I headed to Shenton for lunch with Kai Lin.
And to meet Blondie of course.
Oh, some of my friends already knew the reason why I flared up yesterday.

He didn't reply any of my smses since morning and I was darn worried something would happen to him and blah.
After all his job requires him to carry heavy stuff and drive around,
and it was raining hard yesterday, so I was like thinking, man did something happened to him?

Apparently, after much worrying, and thanks to Hui & Steven for crapping with me to calm me, I realised the reason behind it.

I checked and I happened to see...
His prepaid card left like...

2 cents.

And so, after the card was topped up, he finally msged me to apologize.
So today there's no sweet, smiley Mdm Jeslene the crown people use to know.
Roared at him.
But yeah, like I always say, I can never stay too angry at him.
With coaxing and hugs showered on me, HOW TO STAY ANGRY!

Random stuff:

My mum and one of her children in the childcare she worked in.
She kept trying to grab me into this line but I told her I love peace around me.
To think my mummy stayed in this line for more than 10 years already.
Was it 13 years? I forgot.

I found this picture in my mum's phone and I HAD to upload it.
This is my baby cousin Issac...
And the person holding him in her arms, is my Grandmother, who passed on in April this year.

I was thinking...
Would Issac know, his grandma had once carried him in her arms lovingly?

My great-grand mother is currently in a bad condition.
She's already 93 years old this year...
We were told to be prepared.

My Popo left, and now my great grand ma is not in a good condition.
There's so many things that happened, I could hardly cope.

Oh btw, complicatedness, my greatgrand ma's not my popo's mum. Just Mother In Law.
My grandfather is still alive, but we, including my mum and uncles aunties, do not address him as a father or grandfather.

Complicated eh.

My mum has some artistic blood in her.
She did this for the childcare.

As for her daughter, her artistic blood flows with photoshop.
Above is what I did for Huihui, and myself.
Desktop wallpapers.
Just wanted to do simple stuff so that the desktop doesn't look so messy.

My parents are lovingly singing duets in the living room now.
I'm not the only one who uses the Karaoke System.

Pretty long entry eh.
I'll leave it here then.
Loves, darlings!

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