Thursday, November 06, 2008

Exams are officially over, and I went swimming after slacking my afternoon away today!

Met up with Yan, Leaking, Kai for our weekly night swimming.
Managed to swim a few laps today,
and laughed my lungs out.
Yan piggybacked me from the water out, made me scream like crazy.

After a relaxing shower, we headed for dinner, with Kai Lin who gone home replace by Raymund.

Initially wanted to have Hei Sushi,
but their last order was like, in 5 mins, so we headed to Subway instead.
Oh, did I mentioned that the staff there ni Hei recognizes me?
Last week when I went there, they asked me why they didn't see me recently.
Like, Uhhh, I'm such a regular customer?

Slacked at Subway, listening to old pop songs.
Oh maan, I miss those days when I went gaga over Ben Adams.
I got a little upset when I heard Heaven By Your Side and On Bended Knees.
Just brought back so much memories!

Camwhored after dinner, which was like, 10pm plus already?

My dearest shenton way partner.
The way to squeeze in trains from shenton is the way to being the ultimate singaporean =D

Leaking, Bestie, and Jes =D

Leaking wanted an early Xmas present...
And she spotted this tree outside E-Hub!
But it seemed so heavy....

So we went to help her!
So sweet right~

I have this pair of sisters waiting to be my hubby.
How lucky am I?

Anyway, Ehub already had their Christmas deco up!
Its November already, and the mood for seasons greeting is building up.

Lovely kitty who was a little scared at first, but warmed up to me when I stroked its fur.
It was so comfortable with me, it pawed at me, purring.

We spent like 20mins trying to get a kitten out of the covered drain.
Because, to get out of that drain, it would have to go till reallllllllllyyyyyyyy far through the dark.
But it just mewed and mewed and didn't want to come out.
So we left the drain opened so that it could jump out.
Don't worry, its just those small, 30cm deep drains, no one will fall into the drain and die.

Then we saw a cat sitting on top of a car!
We lured it down and while purring, it coughed O.o

Cabbed home and now I'm so so tired.

Baby better don't pang seh me tomorrow or I'll curse the lorry.


I'll be having dinner with my bro and gang tomorrow night!
Then on Sat I'll be heading for Klunch with a bunch of guy friends!
After which I'll go meet Zaza, Tong and Maya for shopping and visiting anne!
Sunday would be with BOO!


I've got the timetable from the student service.
Apprently we have days at unicampus.
And alot of full days...
And some days no lessons at all.


Loves loves ppl!

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