Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sometimes when realization hits me, I feel faint.
Whether good or bad, I believe things are meant to happen in their own way.
Decisions or not, the way your life changes with it is undeniable.

I made my choice last night.
And you accepted it wholeheartedly.
Instead of that disappointed face you could imprint in my mind before you left, you gave me a hug and left me with words that touched my heart.

My friends always say, my life is such a drama.
How I met you was rather dramatic, and how we went on was pretty much an idol drama sequence.
Not to mention the him I love after we parted ways.
Equally as dramatic.

If chemistry attracted me to him,
for you I'm certain the chemistry we developed late after was as strong, if not stronger.
I'm glad the bond we had did not fall apart.


Love can be in anyway.
It doesn't have to be a relationship.
Being able to accept it as concern in exchange,
why not?




PS: I love my baby.

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