Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hey there dears.
Don't worry I'm okay.
Just that my mood wasn't in top condition and honestly, it was quite bad.
But I'm okay now, and like what Kathy said, at least I can crap now.
Thanks for all the concerns showered on me!

And photos to summarize the whole time I didn't update!

Mummy's Birthday:

We went to this la mian place in Century Square basement for dinner.
Glad that my family loved it.
Bill came up to 68bucks, which is actually quite cheap for 4.

Pork slices - cold.
I knew my dad & bro would love this.

*Nudges huihui*

Bugis & Town with Serena!

Vainpot Jes.

I <3 this girl! We heard some people singing at the stage in Heeren. And I went to check it out, cause singing is my territory.

And I realised those singers were from Campus Superstar.
And to be really honest...
At least they were on pitch...
But I couldn't comment more on their singing, cause it was pretty....

Let's just say, inexperienced.

Bugis with zaza & Steven!

Zaza & I had a great time gossiping & staring at cute malay guys. HAHAHA.

Think she's my malay guys spotter. COUGH.

Yes I know za's eyes are like super big.


Dinner at Ministry of Food in Bugis Junction!
Steven's treat! Thanks!

And this is my cha siew ramen in cream pork soup.
Not too bad.

*screams at Hui & Hiyu jie*

Steven treated me to Topone after that.
Thank ah!

Winson's Birthday:

I went down to Shenton cause it was Winson's birthday and we celebrated it during lunch!

Baby was super early today so I went out earlier than usual to meet him.
And instead of me waiting for him, this time is the other way round.

Ohoh, I had a dream yesterday and its of him.
I told him and he asked about it and I said:

"I dreamt that you have alot of women outside!!"
(really leh. I dreamt of that loh)

He gave me a stunned look.
Then gave me a big big kiss. HAHA.

Went up to office and they were having alot of food for lunch!
Let pictures talk!

Adeline giving the presents to Winson.
We all say Adeline's the chairman presenting token of appreciation to Winson.

Adeline: Aye you all quickly take leh! He take advantage of me to hold my hand leh~

50years old - Winson, not the cake. lol.

Winson, the cake, and the christmas tree!
OHOH! Capitaland's Dinner & Dance's theme is SHANGHAI NIGHT!

Cheong Sam!

Cutting cake with Auntie!

Fruitcake =)

Winson opening present...

And realised it was a Bingo toy!

Purpose of it?

To pick out 4D & TOTO numbers lah!

And with Kailin, in the office once again.
I miss my Capitaland people man!




And once again thanks to everyone who thought I would die.
Especially my babes, my babies and my b.

Somehow, at the back of my mind, I had this thought to be back with him.
But its impossible.
I was so insecure with myself, and for the first time, I was uncomfortable with him.
I guess I did make the right choice.

I found my assurance in baby's arms today.
And I knew I should let ze be someone who lives as someone important - in the past.

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