Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Before I forget:

Pulau Ubin!

It was actually darker than this.
It was around 6plus when Mum and I reached Changi Terminal.
I woke at 5am to prepare and took a cab there.

While waiting for the Bumboat.

And it was Sunrise at Pulau Ubin~
We took an arranged minibus to drive us from the jetty to Chek Jawa, where our guided tour really starts.

And this is our guide, Terry.
He's actually really friendly, and a little shy.
But he really is good, and nice =D

Unfortunately, the toilets near the Kiosk have water pumps that needed to be repaired.
Which means, NO WATER!
Uh well.
But beside the toilets, was a very nice house by the sea.
Its an exhibition centre =D

And we saw this doggie, and he's sooooooooooooooo cute.
Okay, he's very friendly haha.
Wagging his tail all around.

And the view from the house.

And we continued the journey to the watch point, which i climbed like crazy.

Random wishing well, not.

On the way....

To climb THIS!

Like, OMG.
Look at the spaces between the steps!
I'll fall to my death if I have to climb this every day =(
I'm so CLUMSY!

But heaves a sigh of relief, we got to the top and there's this fantastic view.

My lover. =D

Random male flower of atapchi, however you spell it.
You know, you can find it in the ice kachang?
ang dao ji liap ah ta ji.


And we were brought down to the sea side, where the waters are low.
And all the starfishes, horse shoe crabs, urchins and sea creatures awaited us.
But sad to say, loads of pictures are with my Uncle.
I'll wait for him!

Loads of events coming up.
Zoo again.
But, this time with bf, leaking and Hiyu jie!


No, i'm not sick of it.

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