Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Guess what?

My bf is very de efficient.
He saw my blog and well, he got me flowers.

He was trying all ways to hide the fact that he would be getting flowers from me.
But my bf is very naive.
I saw through it and I was like telling him, ya ya ya Anchor Point's flower shop is no longer there.
Like, he was giving me all kinda excuses, from the flower shop shut its business down,
to asking me which colour paper should he use for his up coming crab tank in his house to find out what colour would I prefer.

When I got to his workplace, he couldn't wipe that cheeky grin off his face.
Then his friends were doing their teasing, so it was pretty obvious.
I tried to remain oblivious but hahaha.

He then lured me to the other shop where he lighted candles and asked me to turn around.
Then he got me this pretty bouquet~

My baby is the love~



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