Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I tried cooking fried rice the Mum's way this afternoon to feed Bf & Leaking.
I usually soak the overnight rice in egg first before I fry it.
But mum suggested I fry the rice first, then pour in the egg.
Since Mum cooks delicious fried rice, I decided to go her way.

I met Leaking up in the morning to get ingredients.
Since I've stored left over rice on sunday, and cooked more rice yesterday, nothing much was a hassle.
Rice is best left 2 days overnight.
I just bought honey ham (on offer you see LOL), crabmeat and I have some frozen hotdogs at home so it was more than enough.

Hot dogs rocks fried rice cause it adds to the salty-ness.

So yeah, sliced ingredients, beaten the eggs, threw in whatever and fried for like 10mins.


It was perfecccccccccccccct!
That meant I haven't lost my touch eh.

Bf wants a sunny side up, but when I was getting it out from the wok, it broke =(

Bf loves it so much, he wrote me a long freaking poetic sms to tell me he felt the love hahaha!

When bf is dulan, run.
When I get dulan, bf gets even dulaner.
Then people will think, did we dulaned due to each other?

Oh well.
I cannot get dulan with bf.
Love him too much.

I shall stop dulaning.
Bf is going to scold me when he see this entry filled with dulans.

And is it just me, or Sky and I just have that husband and wife look?
tons of people are telling me we are compatible, even the shopkeepers at bugis street.
I'm amused.
I know about the height and all, cause I'm rather tall, but sky's a head taller...
But apparently we're starting to talk alike and look alike.
That's rather haha-able. LOL.

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