Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Forgot to blog about the zoo trip~
So here it is.

Cause there's quite some pictures on repeat since my last trip to the zoo,
so i decided to show more humans than animals hahaha!

Here goes!

Tons of people!
People mountain, people sea!
And alot of rude singaporeans as well.
I wonder how the tourists see us.

See, so many humans till leaking sweatdropped.

And you know, when the cam is in my hands, no one can hide from my lens.

Shit, it rhymes kinda.
I seriously think this trip is like wedding picture taking sorta.
So Sky says lah.


<3 the both of them.
They were arguing through th=e phone just now when Bf called from camp.
Mad funny, I tell you.

Sleeping tiger.
Those paws are deadly, but so adorable no?

Loving tigers!

Otters had babies in their nest!

Sky told me to wait for him while he head in for a ride.



Wedding pictures start here:

I told you.
It just turned out that way yo.

"Come to mamaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
That's what I said to the butterfly.
And it really did.

Fruit bats!

Pretty parrot!
(And bf's handphone cam)

Not my grandma.
"Popo ah, pak xiong liao lai, lu kua!"

I love mirrorssssssssssss.

Chick fell outta box.
Its friend kept chirping for it and following it around.
We notified the keeper for this area and it was back in the box with the other baby.

She's my part time bf you know.
Minus the tattoos haha.

Love her nevertheless.

The authentic bf.

I realised, that alot of people from my past are coming back to me when they realised I've stepped into a future.
But heck, they don't have a say in what I chose.
Who I am with now don't matter as well, to them.
Cause in their selfish eyes, they are the best.
And its my loss.

Oh well, good riddance to me then?

Bf called from camp just now to tell me there was an electricity shortage in his place,
and that Momo, as well as Pucca the Pacu, Meow the catfish and 6 of his Snow parrot fishes died.

His mum went to Malaysia and when she's back, they already...

But glad to say, Arowana, goldfishes and guppies are fine.
But I'm still pretty upset.

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